Customized Security Solutions

Our Security solution delivers a fully-integrated, modular system designed around your operation using low-cost-of-ownership sensors and technologies to offer one of the most advanced and cost-effective Port Security solutions in the world.

Our solutions are tried and tested worldwide in the busiest ports in the world. In addition to robust security on land and sea, our solutions provide real-time access to vessel movement via an intuitive user interface.

Open architecture, network-centric design allows for easy expansion and integration with new technologies, and enables easy upgrade to incorporate additional functionality. Remote information displays are available 24×7 to all port stakeholders.

The key services provided by security solutions include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring Control centers
  • Traffic and transportation monitoring systems 
  • Video Surveillance Cameras and Video Recording
  • Access controls to protect certain areas
  • Security Inspection system detect illegal items
  • Biometric system managing employees time attendance
  • Mobile access so you can view surveillance cameras any time
  • Digital Security Alarm Systems
  • Fire and life safety solutions to protect lives and facilities